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Bistro Milano / cafe & restaurant

Bistro Milano

Family owned and operated since 2007, Bistro Milano combines the rich tradition of a Northern Italian restaurant with the style and ambiance of an outdoor café. Located off 6th Ave, our entrance is on 55th street between 5th and 6th Aves, just feet from the historic LOVE sign.

Nothing goes better with a glass of wine than an appetizer from our kitchen.


Enjoy a nice glass of wine with us

We have a variety of red and white wines. Please take a moment to view our drinks menu below.

A slice of orange helps any summer cocktail.


...Or sip on a delicious summer cocktail

Just like the seasons, our drink menu is always changing. And no matter what time of year, our wait staff will be happy to help you pick the perfect cocktail for you.

Indoor, outdoor, and bar seating is available. Please note your preference when making your reservation.

Make a Reservation

You may make a reservation online
or by calling us at 212-757-2600

Upcoming Events

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This Summer We Will Be Having Many Events and Special Deals. Check Back Here Often!

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